Gathan Beaga

meanwhile, over at the Wellingtonista...

These are four of Hadyn's nifty awards icons for nominees to place on their blogs.awards icons for nominees to place on their blogs.…it’s that time of the year again in which we need YOU to tell US what you think.

What? Wellingtonista? Oh, OK. Let’s backtrack. For the last two and a half years I’ve also been a contributor to The Wellingtonista, Wellington’s premier, er, website. We shoot the shit on all sorts of stuff like music, bars, movies, food, bars, events, boozing, coffee and other random crap. It’s lots of fun, especially this time of year when we get to do our “Best of…” thing. Now fast forward to today…

…and as I mentioned before, we need you to vote. It goes like this:

  • over on the Wellingtonista there’s a blog posting for each “Best of…” category which you can read. They’re amusing and witty and the nominees are all deserving.
  • then vote for your favourites by taking the survey (I had a lot of geek-fun figuring out how to set up and run LimeSurvey, an incredibly nifty open-source online surveying system… and at some point I’ll have to describe how we used a wiki to collaborate on all this stuff.).
  • And finally, come along to the Awards Gala, in which not only do we get to announce the winners, but the nice folk at Public Address will be holding a celebrity quiz, and the evening will be topped off with the return of New Zealand pop legends Blam Blam Blam. And there’s prizes too.

It doesn’t really get any better than that, does it. Go vote now.