Gathan Beaga

mash wednesday VIII

Mash Wednesday is that time when I post a single tasty mashup to

Today: a band you hope your daughters never try to emulate, vs. perhaps ironically, a alt-rock band that sounds a lot like The Breeders, even though they’re not.

Well, that was the plan, until the video I had picked out of Party Ben’s mashup of the Pussycat Dolls Doncha vs. Veruca Salt’s Seether got pulled from Youtube due a supposed “Terms of Use Violation”. WTF?

Anyway, I have some others lined up… so moving right along…

…here’s a tasty collision from DJ Earlybird: Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots vs. Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall:

Somehow, it all makes a strange kind of sense, with Ms Sinatra’s song about boots transformed into something much more sinister simply by association with Pink Floyd’s totalitarian angst.

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