Gathan Beaga

mash wednesday VII

Mash Wednesday is that time when I post a single tasty mashup to

Today: I was going to show you this track, but I thought better of it. I’ve stuck with the Sri Lanka theme hinted at last week though.

Unfortunately the video for this is literally a film student’s project, so while it’s interesting in that sense to an extent, the music is what we are here for today. So wait for thing to load, and try to start at 1:23, which is where the song starts. And what a song: M.I.A’s URAQT up against The Bravery’s An Honest Mistake in a mix created by A+D, whose stuff I adore almost as much as Party Ben’s.

Did you pick up the brutal exposition of the one of the social uses for mobile communications? And the handy juxtaposition of the lyrics from the Bravery song, made into a series of whiny excuses from the weak, male point of view that isn’t explicit in the unaltered M.I.A original? Listen again then: it’s utterly, utterly fantastic stuff.

What’s more, M.I.A. has a new album out, and I am seriously tempted. She’s a one person mashup all on her own.

Last week: Nirvana vs. Blackalicious

Next time: a really shitty song gets a salty new backing … but unfortunately it’s still a shitty song. The good news: now that it’s a mashup, we have permission to listen to it!