Gathan Beaga

mash wednesday VI

Mash Wednesday is that time when I post a single tasty mashup to

Today: I don’t really like rap very much. But it’s a very popular component of many mashups, and it has lead me to a new appreciation for the genre… or parts of it at least.

Somewhat predictably, the tracks I like tend to have a rock song that I love as the base, with some especially artful (and non-homophobic, non-misogynist, and preferably even non-violent, all of which does narrow the field a bit) rap laid over it.

And this is a perfect example: Blackalicious’ Make You Feel That Way vs. Nirvana’s All Apologies by DJ Not-I.

OK, so there’s lots of mashups like this out there – my taste here is not unusual. Doesn’t stop it being good though.

Last week: the Pixies vs. Madonna/Britney

Next time: back to high school, in Sri Lanka…