Gathan Beaga

mash wednesday V

Mash Wednesday is that time when I post a single tasty mashup to

Today: A track I discovered the other day, and I have to admit to pretty mixed feelings about it. It’s my old friend Team9 again, and this time he’s screwing around with a thing I consider sacred… in this case, the Pixies.

Here, some dire Britney/Madonna track is laid upon Monkey Gone to Heaven in a very technically proficient job.

I can’t like it though, but even so I’m drawn to playing it repeatedly, as if it were a loose tooth to be annoyed until lost. This mash is likely to appeal to the perverse, a few of whom are numbered among my small audience.

Last week: Primal Scream vs. Tweet

Next time: Apparently the Seattle hip-hop scene is the up and coming thing. This track imagines that scene, but 15 years ago…