Gathan Beaga

mash wednesday I

Mash Wednesday is that time when I post a single tasty mashup to

(Although due to some finger trouble on my part I’ve posted it now instead.)

I’ve found that it’s much easier to get into music if you can hear actually it… and given that this kind of music isn’t likely to turn up on services like Sonific then YouTube remains the best showcase.

Today’s track: a very well known mix of The Black-eyed Peas and AC/DC. Yes really. Click on it! You know you want to!

Good, eh?

The track was created by San Francisco’s DJ Mei Lwun, and you can still find it there for download.

And while there are several video mixes on YouTube, I’ve chosen the one with a whole lot of silly visual puns rather than the more obvious juxtapositions of Fergie and Angus. As anyone would.

Next week: Oasis meets Green Day