Gathan Beaga

macchiato al mojo

macchiatoI have got this weird idea that I’ve been drinking too much full cream milk. Two large lattés per day is all very nice, but what’s it doing to the old ticker?

I’m not a fan of low fat milk though. Where’s the taste? So I thought instead maybe I could try the real deal, a short black. I had a few practice runs at home and, well, it was… OK. But not fantastic.

Maybe it would be better at the café?

But when I got there yesterday, I chickened out. Sort of. I went for the macchiato instead, the short black “streaked” with milk. Obviously I have a dairy addiction (but I’m just trying to do my bit for our pastoral farming based economy, OK?).

The baristas were a little psyched out: here was a latté customer getting serious, one of their regulars, and they didn’t want to make a crap one that might put me off forever.

They did good though.

In the bottom of the cup was couple of thimblefuls of hot thick liquor, topped with crema and a dash of milk. I stirred about quarter of a teaspoon of sugar in (I’ll use less next time). And then I tried it.

It was intense in taste, sharp but not in any way bitter. The concentrated essence of the bean, strong beyond belief but good too, a blast of what makes coffee taste good. I was surprised.

But it was all over too soon. Having acclimatised myself to drinking about 300ml of milk with my caffeine deliveries, a couple of thimblefuls instead seems a little anti-climactic.

But still, something new. We’ll see how it goes from here.