Gathan Beaga


sileni entreeSileni Estates for lunch was the best meal I’ve ever had in Hawkes Bay. Service was fantastic, the food was outstanding, the wine was great, and the kids loved it too (being provided with felt-tips and paper from the get-go by the very attentive waiter got them and us off on a good start).

R.‘s grandmother Mabel actually said it was the best restaurant lunch she’s ever had, which is a pretty good complement coming from someone closing in on her 90th year.

And any place whose kids menu has not a single chicken nugget (instead, try some kumara gnocchi!) scores well in my book. Sileni is an extremely classy place.

Notes to self for next time though:

  1. do not visit the winery shop after two glasses of wine. Carnage to bank balance will ensue.
  2. and watch your youngest daughter at all times while in the shop. Her habit of acquiring small objects off the shelves and then telling her mother back in the restaurant, by way of explanation, that her father had bought them, is not to be encouraged through neglect.
  3. also, do not leave your youngest daughter unattended in a stall in the mens while you make an urgent dash next stall yourself, even though she is shouting at you that “I can do it by myself”. For even though there are very few other patrons this day and on balance the risk of someone else coming in is low, someone else will inevitably come in and be using a urinal just as your daughter emerges from her own stall shouting “I need to pull my pants up!” at the very moment when you are, er, otherwise engaged.

All fun.