Gathan Beaga

lunchtime linkathon

It’s close to Christmas. Although Gryfon, somewhat imprudently, yesterday advised our mutual boss of our respective blogs, I feel I can risk a blog entry, so long as it’s during the lunch hour.

Of course, I don’t really have much to say (again), so here’s some links.

  • Inspector Clouseau is alive and well and working at Charles De Gaulle airport. Apparently as a “test” of security airport police slipped some plastic explosive into someone’s bag. Unfortunately, it wasn’t detected. Said explosive is now in some unsuspecting international traveller’s bag.
  • Here is where you can buy those nifty beige NZ cricket shirts of the early 1980s. Why beige? We may never know. But they look a lot cooler now that they did then, for some reason.
  • That part of hell reserved for smug iPod-sipping latte-listening blog-scribbling Apple-zealot pinko liberal middle-class suburbanites (such as myself) is probably called “Dell”. Dave5 will be going there too. In the addition to the above list of heinous sins we are both interested in the purported Apple iPhone.
  • I won’t be telling the girls that the Hi-5 are coming to Wellington. That probably makes me a Bad Dad, but that’s OK because B₂ is a big fan of rhymes.
  • The next cool thing from Google labs is Google Suggest – it attempts to autocomplete your search as you type. Try it here. (This is one reason why you should read GoogleBlog, and possibly also Yahoo! Search blog, and if you are really really keen, MSNSearch Weblog.)
  • And finally, to anyone considering buying something for me for Christmas, please read what not to get me.

And now I must go forth into the maelstrom and find a Christmas present for R..