Gathan Beaga

long way home

In an uncanny coincidence, like Martha and her family we too are off to the South Island on Wednesday. But whereas hers are just off to Nelson (initially) we’re going the whole hog and hope to make it all the way south to Central Otago in one day.

It can be done, but never before by us with the kids. Lots of coping strategies to think about: my downloaded Kiddies Records on the iPod; a chillibin full of food and drinks; take it easy during the day but after fish’n’chips in the evening put the girls in their PJs and drive like hell through the dusky gloaming of the MacKenzie Country and thence to Central.

And then, long days on the farm; a few side trips to rellies and friends in places like Gore and Dunedin; and hopefully a good week by the Lake. Maybe after New Year and after the hordes of yobbos nice but drunken young people (such as I used to be at New Year pre-kids).

My mind’s on holiday already, but I have another day at work.