Gathan Beaga


It’s always a worry when you think you know something, and then you find out that you really know very little.

I thought I had a handle on this blogging business – moving about in my little sphere of “Radio” blogs, Movable Type blogs, and Blogger blogs.

But now I find (thanks to Mark)there’s a free service out there called LiveJournal with over five hundred thousand users (all with an RSS feed to subscribe to as well). That’s pretty huge, and more than a small corner of the Internet in anyone’s terms. There’s over 1700 blogs from New Zealand alone on LiveJournal.

Every time I run across something like this I realise that the Internet truly is a big place now, quite a bit different from 1993 when I first dipped my toes in the ’net’s widening gyre. Now it is easily possible for a mass movement to be overlooked by the self-styled net-savvy. It’s obviously time to renounce any claim to a deep knowledge of Internet culture and retreat to a silent life of contemplation.