Gathan Beaga

lemon honey

Now this is seriously good.

Three of the thick-skinned but sweet lemons from the malnourished and scruffy trees in the back garden. A mug full of hot water. And as much honey as a teaspoon will reasonably hold. Perhaps more.

This is revitalising in a number of ways: the lemons are ours. (I still have the approach of a farmer’s son when it comes to what grows on my own land.)

And the honey comes in part from my parents’ farm, via my old school friend Russell’s apiary. It’s thick and almost pure white clover honey, so unlike the thin brown gloop that passes for such at the supermarket. I only wish he had a website for me to link to.

I could apply many clichés, but none are required. Heavenly.

And now I feel an afternoon nap coming on.