Gathan Beaga

lazy sunday

Usually on a day like today we’d I’d just sloth around. It’s Sunday, after all, and by the time I’d have removed the piles of cat crap from the lawn it would be too dark to mow it anyway.

Phoenix vs. FuryNot today though. Today was all action. The kids were up early as one of B₂’s friends was staying overnight. After B₂’s friend went home, we headed into town for brunch with the Wellingtonista. It was a little bit unusual in that this time partners and kids were invited as well; however, kids being catching, they were placed safely down the far end where they couldn’t disturb people too much. James’ Milo brought along Blokus along, which we had not played before, and he beat us comfortably while we waited for lunch.

Later on, we headed down to the stadium for the football.

We’d been prepared for cold, like good parents, but the direct sun beating in on us was extremely warm and bright. This is normally a good thing, but not (bad, bad parents!) if you are without hats and sunscreen and sunglasses.

I was still feeling a slightly boozy halo of wellbeing from lunch, and I think this, coupled with an over-stimulated sense of the occasion, made me go and buy hats for the whole family (I think this is the same impulse that makes you buy an expensive t-shirt at a gig – I am all-too susceptible there as well).

Modelling my new hat of AWESOMESuper styley, eh?

Well, I can’t say that I like my new hat that much (and R. doesn’t seem a huge fan of hers either), but at least I have something to wear to the next game. (There were less obvious styles that in my haste I overlooked in favour of an expression of tribalism.) The girls love theirs, so that’s something.

The game itself: well, it was as good as the last one we went to, except for the ending, in which the opposition team, notable only for a very famous ex-Liverpool player being the captain, scored an equaliser in the last minute of extra time. I’m not really what you’d called an informed watcher of sport, though I enjoy watching it live in life (over live on TV).

I also discovered that the one drawback of daytime football matches is that small kids don’t just fall asleep when they’re bored: they have to be kept entertained with food and drink. That is what parents are for.

Anyway, after all that we went to a drama production that one of B₂’s friends was in, which was charming, clever, and also concise; this last virtue being most welcome given the day’s various excitements.

And so the weekend was satisfactorily completed.