Gathan Beaga

last night

It was a big night. Each year, my place of work has a very large quiz night, which doubles as a giant costume party and general booze-up, all in aid of a very fine charity.

Our team went along as a kind of extended Benny Hill sketch, with Gryfon playing the part of Benny Hill; with others doing a nurse; a house maid; a meter maid; a schoolgirl (Steph); an archetypal grumpy old lady; and, somewhat more pedestrian (and certainly not as sexy), Dave5 and myself as bobbies. Plenty of photographic evidence here.

And over on another table, Mr Reasonable and his team mates made cracking Oompa Loompas. I hope to upload some pictures of that as well.

Our team name, “Resistance is Futile”, was less an arrogant statement of our quizly prowess (although it was probably taken as such) and more a geeky comment by our team organiser on the seemingly unstoppable encroachment of an alien culture upon our workplace.

I could not possibly comment, of course.

So, in the end we won for the third year in a row (and for the last time, as we’ve mostly gone separate ways work-wise now). Becky was very pleased with the little Ricoh R1Z I brought home for her.

And today at work, it was very, very quiet.