Gathan Beaga

Lake Hawea

It’s not easy finding local (as in New Zealand) sites with RSS feeds that I can view in Radio Userland’s news aggregator. One such is a wine site called bib News. I’d never gotten much from them until today, when I got hundreds of kb of stuff at once. And adverts too, I hope that’s the first and last time that happens.

The bright spot was this though – advertorial, yes, but for a most beautiful part of New Zealand:

Lake Hawea Station is a large Sheep Station situated on the shores of Lake Hawea, Central Otago, New Zealand. You are invited to share this idyllic location, enjoy the peaceful countryside, explore the valleys and mountains, relax while fishing in the lake and rivers or partake in the farming activities.

Our family is lucky enough to have a family crib at Lake Hawea, and it really is a fantastic place. In the crappest November weatherwise in years, I’m looking forward to late January heat by the lake…