Gathan Beaga

kiwi music

I’m watching National Anthem, TV2’s 24-hour marathon of live New Zealand music in aid of the Play It Strange Trust.

It is strangely compelling: so many old favourites of mine from back in my Otago University days interspersed with lots of newer and older stuff.

Nostalgia is ruling, of course. They’ve just had The Puddle on, a band that I never much rated until a gig that Becky and I went to in some cramped and dingy basement sometime in ’89 or ’90.

They were surprisingly good, but the thing that was the most memorable were the pair of toddlers grooving away on the approximately dining table sized “dance floor”. They were the only ones dancing of course, it being totally not the done thing to dance to a certain subset of contemporary Dunedin bands. Everyone had to be very still in order to absorb the artists at work.

And now, if I’m not mistaken it’s The Magick Heads (it turns out I am mistaken – it’s a band called Minisnap – who seem to have much the same personnel anyway). The lineage of sound clear to hear – Flying Nun, with a healthy dose of Bats (no surprises there).

I’m really hanging out for old favourites like The 3Ds. All those wonderful gigs at The Empire down the far end of Princes Street right through the late 80s and early 90s; remembrance of which provide a full-on nostalgic blast.

But I guess I’m going to have to wait. Bella’s up from her afternoon nap, and the TV has now been requisitioned for a matinee viewing of Finding Nemo…