Gathan Beaga

Kiwi Bloggers Try To Break Mould - NZ Herald

I’ve hit the big time (not): linked to in this story in the New Zealand Herald site as a typical example of why New Zealand blogs appear to be so few in number:

A look at Kiwi Blogs, a webring for New Zealand web loggers, may help to explain why Kiwi bloggers are a relative rarity – New Zealanders are not ones to brag.

“Another redundant expression of one person’s total banality in a highly intermittent web log format,” is how the Half Pie blog promotes itself.

It’s true, isn’t it? Obviously my genius for self-promotion has worked – I’ve had almost no referrals from the Herald story… and most of those were my co-workers after I discovered the story this afternoon.

I’m not so sure that New Zealand blogs are a “relative rarity”. I’ve come across a few but in general the world of blogging is more about people than place and it’s not always easy, among the hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, to detect which ones are “New Zealand”.

Also, this site is not really about attracting visitors – although it’s always nice to get them (I’m quite pleased with the Dry Stone Walls and Mainoumi pages: they have lots of Google mojo and are possibly busier than the home page, while my pages on wildlife are relatively busy too). It’s more of a hobby, and it was really intended to be a place to post stories and photos of my daughter Bella for friends and family. If the other crap I write gets a few readers, then that’s cool too.

On the other hand I’ve just managed quite a bit of self-promotion in these last couple paragraphs, haven’t I?