Gathan Beaga

kindness of strangers

There is thankfully still some of it about these days.

This evening for various reasons we decided to get takeaways instead of cooking dinner. So Becky rang ahead to the fish and chip shop to put in her order, then started up the 114 steps to the road and the car.

She appeared back down the hill a short time later. Earlier in the day it seems the headlights were left on (it’s been a very dark and crappy day weatherwise) and the battery was too flat for the car to start. After working out that the Roadside Rescue people wouldn’t get to us in time she rang the fish and chip shop to cancel the order.

After Becky explained why she was cancelling the order the owner of the shop spontaneously decided to deliver dinner to us. He reckoned that Tuesday was a quiet night and his wife could look after the place while he was gone. Fifteen minutes later our dinner arrived. He wouldn’t take anything extra, either.

We’ll be using that shop more often in future.