Gathan Beaga


I have to admit the the iBook keyboard isn’t always the greatest for long bouts of typing. So for those times when I need to do a lot of keyboard stuff (like at the moment when I have a couple things I’ve brought home from work to do this weekend) I thought I would get a normal sized keyboard.

Problem is, all the ones supposedly for the Mac are way too expensive to buy for just casual use. So based on my positive experience with a cheap USB optical PC mouse I bought last year for my old Mac (and still use) I thought I’d try to find a cheap USB PC keyboard and see how that went.

I found this no-name one new for just over NZ$20 (about US$11, or a quarter to a fifth of the cost of a “proper” Mac one in the shops here) and so far it’s working great. It’s a little noisy, and you couldn’t pound away on it all day every day, but for my needs it’s perfect. What’s more, some of the “Multimedia” keys on the keyboard work on the Mac as well: Sleep, Volume, Brightness.

In fact, the most difficult aspect of using the keyboard (in more ways than one) is remembering to use the Windows logo key instead of the Command-Apple key for all the special keystrokes…