Gathan Beaga

it's new

And it’s kind of odd.

Sometimes I think that changing the design on one’s website is a bit like moving house. All the furniture is the same, but all the rooms are in a different spot. You’re left there wondering if it’s still your house… and slowly, it does become so. Although having said that I’m not particularly happy with the look half-pie is sporting right at this moment.

I experience the same thing to a degree on other people’s blogs after extreme makeovers. In most cases I haven’t met any of the people whose blogs I read, so my mental image of them is shaped almost entirely from their sites. It takes a while for the dissonance to subside and the changes incorporated into whatever it is I’m thinking of when I think of that person. But it’s a lot easier if the person has a distinctive voice – as most of my regular reads do.

Which makes me wonder what other people picture when they read this blog. And if that’s not a desperate come-one for comments I don’t know what is.