Gathan Beaga

it's a friday

And I’m coming off a couple glasses of wine; lots on my mind, dump it here.

  • Bruce Schneier and his competition for the best movie-plot security threat scenario has already produced some amusing results.
  • I signed up for MySpace the other week, like Rabble I’m not sure exactly why as it’s not really my scene (although some of the local bands I like are on there).
  • Petone is full of jelly.
  • I’m changing jobs. A change is as good as a holiday, although in this case without the holiday.
  • The prospect of being paid out untaken leave is burning an anticipatory hole in my pocket (not to mention the super scheme payout, although Russell would berate me for spending it on consumerist crap instead of investing it or paying down the mortgage). I want a new gadget. A new phone would be nice. I realised that the only thing I’ve been using the P900 for, apart from as a phone and camera (occasionally), is to store all my passwords. So long as I can find a cameraphone with a half-decent password storage facility (one that synchronises with Mac and PC preferably) I’d be sweet. R.’s new Z520i almost does the job, really. Suggestions welcome. Maybe I can con the new employer into something…
  • The Brits remake that Sony Bravia ad
  • Keith Ng answers the question on every informed person’s lips: WTF is going on with our legal system?
  • As Tom points out, you probably shouldn’t bother with any other NZ maps site than Zoomin. I shall try to mark and link to places in future, starting with my favourite lookout spot.

Well, the wine has definitely worn off now. No gig to go to this evening (and probably not again for a while) so time to put away the pipe and slippers and have a spot of kip.