Gathan Beaga

it was mii

You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again. It was Mii.

We’ve had the Wii for a couple weeks now, and I’m coming to grips with it. (So to speak. That silly name renders even straightforward colloquialisms humorous – well, if your sense of humour is anything like mine I suppose.)

it was miiI’ve made my Mii.

And I liked him so much I’ve recreated him on the handy Mii Editor site, whose handy JPEG export facilities allow me to use my Mii as my member picture on all the web sites out there that’ll have me. Cheesy, but I like it.

Now I’ve let him loose and he’s been moonlighting over at Martha‘s house in her baseball team. True! [Update: Martha’s whole Mii family have come on an exchange visit as of this evening!]

I also got hold of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and after a slow start I seem to be getting it. But I’m only six hours into a game that the expert gamers typically take 40 to 50 hours to complete, so there’s a reasonable chance I’ll get bored first. Still, with the fishing, goat-herding, milk-drinking, horse-riding, and falconry for variation in between all the hacking and slashing at monsters I may get there yet.

The only real problem I’ve had is with the wireless connection: the Wii would connect to my D-Link wireless router but not sustain the connection. A bit of Googling lead to this page (co-incidentally by a Google staffer) on how she fixed a similar problem (flashing the router firmware) and after a slightly nervous bit of fiddling (though not with my Wii this time) all now seems to be well.

Although another TV would be good.