Gathan Beaga


Occasionally, buying shares in random blogs does pay off, as in the case of Interconnected.

It turns out that Interconnected is one of the most singularly stunning looking sites you are likely to come across. Rendered on my iBook at least, it has a beauty and originality so often lacking in blogs (guilty!). And the writer is no slouch either (even if meaning is sometimes elusive to this reader).

On Friday, I swam London. Jumped on buses, dodged knots of people, whenever I needed to cross traffic the green light was there. It was pinball. My route was not directed but constraints based, and suddenly the city became not a thing that swallowed me, but a thing I was embedded in, a part of: I rode it, was swept by it, propelled by it, rised up to and travelled the Fermi surface of London, the conducting layer, and the obstructing crystal became invisible to me.

But I know this. Sometimes in a big city it’s tempting to just surf.

One thing led to another, and soon I was at Upsideclown. More time spent when I should be sensibly in bed. Ah, well, who needs sleep?