Gathan Beaga

in lieu of success

My heroic campaign to elevate myself in the Google search results for my name to Number 1 pathetic exercise in geek self-validation appears to have failed.

That other chap obstinately remains at Number 1, and shows no sign of flagging. Well done, good sport, and all that.

But, oh, the irony: I seem to have dropped a small Googlebomb on my foot. It seems that at the moment, searching for vanity surfing returns my site at the top of half a million results.


Well, I suppose I could claim by implication to be the world’s foremost vanity surfer… but maybe not. Vanity surfing is perhaps the internet equivalent of onanism: everyone does it, but you wouldn’t really want to be known as the biggest wanker in the world, would you.

Especially not if the index shifts me off the top spot.