Gathan Beaga

iBook fun

I’ve had the work-rented iBook at home over the weekend – a nice diversion. While not exactly a speed demon it’s a lot faster than my current Mac. I did have one strange problem with it though: a crash while I was booted into OS9 stuffed things up in such a way that I could no longer boot it, no matter what I did. The rental machine had no rescue disks for these sorts of emergencies, so I spent a good part of yesterday surfing the web to try and find out what went wrong.

The consensus seemed to point towards a hosing of the NVRAM holding the startup preferences then confusing the machine in such a way as to prevent it from finding either the OS9 or OSX Systems. Quite scary, until I prevailed upon a workmate to lend me his OSX install disks. It’s possible to reinstall the system without wrecking any of your application or system settings on OSX, a welcome change from Windows.

Still, I shouldn’t have had this problem.