Gathan Beaga

homage to mojo

When I overhauled this site’s look a month or so ago I appealed for help choosing the colours. Like picking the right drapes, it’s all a bit beyond me.

Fortunately, help arrived in the form of a hitherto unknown reader (or possibly random passer-by) of this site, Gary. He suggested that:

How about using the colours from your much loved, much photographed macchiato? That distinctive green and white cup and saucer, those coffee colours – creams and rich browns and perhaps even the gold trim on the saucer. I think they just might work…

What a good idea, I thought. Why didn’t I think of that? (Answer: I’m not a designer.) So now, after several weeks of painstaking and clumsy hacking, I present my overly literal interpretation of Gary’s idea.

I’m not sure if I like it. The green is a bit strong in such large quantities. Using Javascript to get almost infinitely resizable curved corners is nifty but causes an irritating flash on loading each page as the script’s DOM manipulation kicks in. The corners are broken in IE6. And the woodgrain background is just cheesy. But kind of nice.

Actually, maybe I do like it. I think it can be hacked a bit to make it a little less overpowering. But I can’t be bothered right at the minute.

So, I present to you: my homage to Mojo.