Gathan Beaga

holiday notes

Each night I think of things I should be relating here. But each night, I just can’t be arsed. I’m on holiday after all. Over several days though, here are a few accumulated notes:

hidden falls

  • those cursed South African praying mantises are everywhere here, leaving their egg cases like a messy smear of toothpaste all over the house we are staying in. So far we’ve seen just one New Zealand mantis, but at least 20 or 30 of the imports. I hope they don’t come near Wellington anytime soon.
  • I am not to be entrusted with fishing gear. Ever. So far this week I’ve broken one fishing rod; cast directly over a rock out in the water and lost the line of another; and let a decent sized fish get away with a third rod. Meanwhile, both girls have caught one fish each on their respective first tries. What’s with that?
  • why is it that small cafés in out of the way places almost as a rule never make their coffee strong enough? There’s one such here – the milk in the flat white was OK, but the coffee was barely detectable. I’ve gone back to the Moccona – it’s a lot cheaper and actually has some caffeine in it…
  • but a day after writing the above, I gave them another chance. This time the coffee was strong, but tasted terrible. There is no victory to be had here.
  • we’re locals now. We’ve followed the Path to the hidden falls. And man oh man, wouldn’t this be the best place to be on a hot day… it’s no wonder the path through the bush to it was almost beaten flat by the passage of many feet.

And so today is our last here in this quiet little piece of country. Tomorrow we go early for the long drive back to Napier; taking a day so we can stop at interesting places along the way: an art gallery in Opotiki; maybe a winery in Gisborne if there’s time; and definitely Morere Springs.

But the sun is shining warm here and now, I’d better go out and enjoy it while I can.