Gathan Beaga


Being in the bottom left part of the political compass I often don’t agree in the slightest with the opinions expressed on NZPundit. But mostly there’s a sense of humour at play. (At least I hope there is.)

Best recent example of this would have to be Helen Clark’s blog. Her official blog is anaemic to say the least, so NZPundit has come up with her real blog, quite obviously dictated by some sort of telepathic mind control system directly from the bunker to the website.

The best thing about this is that it’s a communal blog (yes – that’s right: only a few letters away from communist). Anyone with sufficient inspiration and sense of humour can channel Helen. Of course, being of that bottom left part of the graph I could not possibly have a sense of humour, and so will not be contributing.

update (19 May): in the interests of balance, Don’s blog is also available. Not to mention both John Tamihere’s and Rodney Hide’s, although both those are for real and are occasionally worth reading.