Gathan Beaga


Welcome to my new site, half-pie. Actually, it’s much the same as the old one, but in a new place. If you’ve arrived here through a redirect from my old site, you may be able to find the pages you are after on the menu to the right.

The word “half-pie” is a piece of New Zealand slang. Here’s the entry from Harry Orsman’s A Dictionary of Modern New Zealand Slang:

half-pie, adjective Possibly from Māori pai ‘good’: compare PIE ON. Half-and-half; neither one thing nor the other; imperfect; incomplete or incompletely realised; unsatisfactory. 1911 e.g. It was a sort of half-pie gate made of iron bed-ends. As an adverb, in some way; partly; half-heartedly. 1949 e.g. Simon was only half-pie simple.

I like this word for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a good New Zealand word that is in use nowhere else. Secondly, it is useful for that kiwi ironic self-deprecation that we seem to be so good at as a nation. And thirdly, it’s partly a borrowing from Māori, so in a way the use of it is a small nod to towards the only unique cultural strand New Zealand has.

It is also a good label for my utterly banal and unremarkable efforts in attempting to write a weblog these last six months.