Gathan Beaga


This is what our deck looked like last night as a vicious little southerly blasted through.

Bella watching the hail on the deck

Bella was very impressed by the hail. So impressed that I had to go outside and get some for her in a glass (while she’s teething she loves to eat ice). This morning she was bitterly disappointed to find that the “sky ice” had all gone, and had to be consoled with some ice from the freezer.

Of course, this photo was taken just minutes before it started raining in the lounge. The hail must have blocked the spouting and somehow caused quite a bit of water to get into the ceiling space. It all started showering out in a line along a ceiling join, and Bella (who loves any sort of water play) took it for a real shower and wanted to play under it while we, in a mad panic, placed a line of buckets under the leaks and shifted the computer. Luckily there appears to be no real damage, although I imagine getting the builder in will be fairly damaging in itself.

The photo was taken with our new Canon A100 digital camera. I’m pretty pleased with it – for the price it’s full of features, and although only 1.3 megapixel the quality is great, particularly as all we need it for is email snaps and web photos. And of course little movies… I might post one to Bella’s pages soon.