Gathan Beaga

greenhouse surprise

Basically, we are all gonna die. OK, so you knew that. But did you also guess that expensive beachfront property you had your eye on will, at some point in this coming century, start to look like the set from The Man from Atlantis? (Minus Patrick Duffy, thank god.)

Some prominent earth scientists have recently scared it up large in the Guardian (alternate link here). I’ve never seen the problem stated in such forthright and understandable terms by scientists before. Things really aren’t looking too good. For example, on sea level rises:

Thus, the last retreat of the great ice-sheets included at least three episodes where sea level rose some 5-10 metres within the space of a decade. This is because a modest sea level rise can destabilize the edge of a mass of land ice, causing large parts of it to rapidly slide into the sea.

It goes on to call for radical and large scale actions, including a massive conversion to nuclear power as a way to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and concludes that “the dangers posed by climate change […] are probable, imminent, and global in scope”.

So what is to be done in New Zealand?