Gathan Beaga


Or so I’m thinking, although maybe I’m anthropomorphising.

whitetail in a jar (cropped)

We noticed this quite large spider in the corner of the bedroom last night. I always worry about whitetails (Lampona cylindrata), but this one wasn’t moving and looked completely dark in the half light. Not typical. And, it was waaaay too large to be a whitetail, so we left it alone.

Of course, in the full light this afternoon, it did turn out to be one, the largest I have ever seen: 17mm from jaw to spinnerets (and Forster & Forster say they only grow to 15mm).

I freaked a little. I don’t like these beasties at all. But I still wanted to show it to the girls. Go figure.

Had a bit of an adrenaline episode trying to catch it. I was way too scared of it to let it loose and take a decent photo of it.

But then I thought it might be nice for B₂ to take it to school. Later of course I realised that a live and potentially dangerous spider in a glass jar in a room full of over-energetic five-year-olds was possibly not a great idea.

It’s now in the freezer. B₂ can take a safely dead large spider to school, instead.