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More Google fanboy shit, sorry.

So, as previously mentioned, I get around all my regular reading of blogs1 and other news by subscribing to their RSS feeds. To do this I’ve been using two different RSS readers: at work the Sage extension for Firefox, and at home Safari RSS.

Both of these apps provide quite nice ways of reading all that content. But the problem with using both of them was the subscription lists across both inevitably were different, and more confusingly I could read some stuff at work (er, during lunch hour, of course :) and then at home end up seeing the same stuff again.

So I thought I’d revisit using a web-based RSS reader instead that I could use in both places. There are many many of these out there – a lot of this blog’s readers use Bloglines, for example.

Google has one too. I’d looked at Google Reader before, but decided it wasn’t for me (I can’t quite remember why). But then I came across the Google Reader blog and this recent posting:

If you use the Google Personalized Homepage and have installed our Reader Homepage Module, it’ll automatically show up on your mobile homepage. Simply go to on your mobile phone’s browser and click the link to “Personalized Home”.

These new mobile features made it worth another look, I thought. What this means for me is that I can have the same news feed reading list at work, at home, on the bus to work… and while I wait for my coffee at Mojo.

I was able to use my existing Google signon, and once in I could import feedlists if they were in OPML format2.

And so here it is, looking at one of Stephen’s recent blog postings:

Google Reader - mobile

If I read it on the phone, it will immediately disappear from the reading list on the PC. And I don’t have to see anything more than once.

In other words, bloody fantastic! The only problem now is the expensive cellular data charges…

1 Including Jo’s blog.

2 I was able to export my feedlist from Sage (“Export as OPML”) and found a script to export my Safari feedlist as well.