Gathan Beaga

google maps for mobile

Intent upon filling up my phone with all sorts of crap applications, the other week I stumbled across Google Maps for Mobile, a little app for your java phone that can display (surprise!) street maps of North American and European cities.

Google Maps - Wellington & mobileOr so I thought until early last week, when I idly tried to get an Auckland map. It worked! And it was actually useful on Tuesday when I was up there! So at some point recently they’ve added some new maps. I hope the local outfits get mobile soon too.

You can find out how to get Google Maps mobile here.

Incidentally, I was amused by the article in the tech pages of the paper on Monday talking about Wises’ 10m website. Apparently Wises, one of the large incumbents in paper based mapping products, are “betting the farm” on their new website. Unfortunately it isn’t a patch on Google Maps, let alone Zoomin & Smaps, in terms of usability. No dragging of maps within the window; no type-ahead find; no user-labelling of places; and location by street frontage only, not actual property location (this latter being a pretty useful feature given Wellington’s tortured geography). But you can find a florist really easily though.

Sorry Wises, but you are toast. I could be wrong – mediocrity can, and often does, make money. But ten million. For that?

I’m sure the sound you can hear is that of the boys and girls at ProjectX laughing their arses off.