Gathan Beaga

goodbye orcon

Got a lovely email from my ISP today. Said that shortly the plan I was currently on would be changing price. It seems that despite all the recent rhetoric from Telecom and others about cheaper, faster broadband, that to keep exactly the plan I’m on today next month I’ll need to pay an additional 120%.

I’m definitely switching now.

I don’t want to bag Orcon completely on this: although they’ve chosen to take Telecom’s nickel in the form of some crappy speed upgrades at the cost of higher data charges for them, it’s either that or a high stakes game of refusing the industry’s 800lb gorilla in the hope that some deus ex machina will make things right.

It could happen. Slingshot and ihug have refused, hoping that maybe the Government’s pet regulatosaurus will sort it out. I’ve decided to assist by switching to ihug: as well as having the best plans at the moment I’m thinking that the more market power broadband customers can give the refuseniks the harder it will be for Telecom to throw their weight around. I hope. Maybe resistance is futile.

Anyway, here’s the plan comparison. I’m relatively happy with the $49.95 price point, so that’s the anchor for plan comparison.

Plans Current Orcon Plan New Comparable Plan Orcon’s Suggested Plan ihug’s “Light” plan
Cost $49.95 $109.95 $49.95 $49.95
Speed 256k 256k 256k 2Mb
Data Cap Unlimited Unlimited 40Gb 20Gb1
Uploads count? Yes Yes Yes No
Dialup option $10/mo $10/mo $10/mo $0.01/minute
Tolls Bundled? No No Yes2 Yes2

1 10Gb peak / 10Gb offpeak

2 Add $10 for the equivalent plan without tolls.

I’ve never used more than about 12Gb in a month, so the lower data cap on ihug isn’t really an issue (and ihug don’t meter uploads, so the effective data cap is higher than 20Gb anyway). Plus, given that I have to give up TelstraClear for tolls, I need to get a new dialup account for those times away from home: and ihug has the best option for that.

And… I get eight times the speed for the same price. What’s not to like?