Gathan Beaga

gone retro

This evening we’ve gone for some retro viewing. Eighties TV genius, a program that I’ve always considered to be the greatest piece of work ever made for television.

It was shown here in my first year at University; for R. in her last year of school. We both remember it with the same regard – it was like nothing we’d seen before.

Edge of Darkness.

The late lamented but magnificent Bob Peck and his bug-eyed intensity; the score by Clapton & Kamen, the apparent ingénue Joanne Whalley before she met that beastly American Kilmer boy. The whiff of conspiracy. A pistol and a geiger counter. And we’ve only just finished episode one. It gets better.

It is of course available at the local public library, bless them. Isn’t Wellington simply the nicest city in the world?