Gathan Beaga

geeks on dates

Susan writes truth in her recent (and hopefully ongoing) series of postings entitled Geeks on Dates. I know it’s true because they seem to echo, in an uncanny way, my own experiences in my long-ago twilight half-life (so it seemed at the time) of singledom.

Part 1: Choosing whether to even start.

Example truth: don’t second guess:

If you’re thinking “I don’t think that person should want me,” you’re making a choice for them not for you, probably out of cowardice (yes, fear of rejection is a form of cowardice, face it).

A big tick here. A couple of times I’d find out later (too late) that some girl I fancied like mad, also and completely surprisingly, fancied me too.

Part 2: Not being creepy

Example truth: talk, but wisely:

Have you talked to them yet? Do so. […] Say “Hi, I’m Susan.” Don’t say “I’ve looked your house up on the city council website, is that a shed or a sleep-out out the back?”

Well, yes, hmmm, I hope i was never as creepy as that. Actually, probably not, because I was not always good at even getting to the talking stage.

Part 3: Does the person like you

Example truth: spotting when a geek likes you:

So if there’s a geek all over your email, dislocating their shoulders at will, helping you out with stuff and arguing hard with you, take a moment and work it out; do you fancy them, like them, and think they’re an equal (or better)? Because that geek could probably be your geek if you want.

Hmmm, well, you’d have to ask R….

Anyway, read and enjoy. Susan’s on to something good.