Gathan Beaga

gardening leave

New gardenI’ve probably bitten off more than I can chew here.

I have a couple of weeks off work at the moment on so-called “gardening leave”. This is sometimes what happens when you resign from one job to go work at a competitor: instead of working your notice period, you get to go home and wait it out, in theory working on your garden instead.

So this is indeed what I have been doing. I’m certainly not complaining.

This was a flowerbed that had long since turned into knee-height weeds. Today I’ve turned it over for the first time since we’ve been here (seven years) in a bit of an epic given my pasty and weak office worker physique.

R₂ was busy helping me all day too – you can see her handy shovel. Although she was a lot more interested in catching worms. It turns out that although worms are great for the garden, as R₂ explains it, if they are to be her friends they need to be clean. Later I found she’d been washing the poor wee buggers with soap and water in the bathroom sink.

It was for this garden that I posted my plea for help on the Wellingtonista the other day. We do have another garden plot out on the back lawn, but I already have potatoes in mind for it. Here, once I hoe the dirt into something approaching good tilth and give it a dose of lime to break up the clay, I’m thinking peas for a start. Maybe some carrots too. And anything else that strikes my fancy.

Hours of fun here.