Gathan Beaga

frosty morning

Once again I was late for work, and missed my intended bus. My heart did harbour a certain amount of grumpiness, blaming the kids for this situation. But really I should have been more efficient, and Had My Shit Together Better.

Thus preoccupied, I went for a skid on the path (almost having some karmic retribution for my mood), and looking up saw the reason: a relatively heavy (for Wellington) frost had descended overnight, patching the concrete with black ice and filigreeing everything else with white detail.

Of course I was immediately reminded of winter mornings in Central Otago, racing my brothers to break the ice on the puddles and water troughs (a common sport: one boy at my primary school had accidentally speared his foot with a garden fork trying to break a particularly thickly iced puddle).

The frost was nowhere near as hard as those ones, but still offered plenty of diversion. There was lots to see, and 10 minutes to kill until the next bus. I thought I’d try the phone camera again. Maybe close-up work would prove better than my contribution to crypto-zoology a couple days ago?

Well, yes, actually.

Across the road the neighbour has a very fussily trimmed patch of grass, the frost showing it up very nicely:

icy grass (cropped, ha ha!)

And the black trim on a car sported a small face. Although I don’t think it was Jesus:

ice daemon

However, the best photo was the one I took first. Beside the public path that passes our front gate and leads to the road there are quite a lot of plain green flaxes. These always seem to make great close-up photo subjects, and this was even more so today: beautiful glassy droplets of ice coated every blade, testament to the very unusual lack of wind during the night. The flax blades have a waxy coating on them that repels water, so for water to actually freeze on there is not something I’ve ever seen before.

Ice droplets on flax (1)

This one is now my desktop wall paper on my work PC. And it’s OK to be a little bit late, you know.