Gathan Beaga

Freedom Fries

Many places around the net (e.g., here) are reporting that the US Congress cafeteria, at the prompting of some dickhead Representative, has replaced french toast and french fries with “freedom toast” and “freedom fries”.

Anyone would think the Americans are at war with the French, not that Iraqi despot. Oh wait, for some reason the Americans (or at least a section of them) have been at war with the French for years now. What is that all about? (Mind you, New Zealanders have taken a while to get warmed up again to the French after the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior back in 1985.)

This particular madness has extended as far as the brothels of Nevada (according to this site linked to in Boing Boing) but it seems wise to take this with a grain of salt. Not literally though, that might be a little uncomfortable.