Gathan Beaga

found links

In the bus on the way to work I spotted three URLs about the town.

  • [sic] on a building site down Mulgrave Street. Yeah, right. Like there’s a What’s the point of advertising your web address if it’s wrong? And sure enough, New Zealand Protective Coatings somewhat ill-advisedly has obtained for themselves a .biz domain, transforming them from a respectable building materials supplier into what sounds more like some sort of fly-by-night spam-marketing vendor of member-enhancing gladwrap condoms.
  • chalked onto the pavement outside the old Government buildings. The name immediately started a soundtrack in my head: Black Grape’s Tramazi Party. The site itself is evidently Wellington-based, and an amusing read, with reviews, general crap, and random shit. And who is Juan Incognito?
  • on a sticker plastered to a lamp post on Lambton Quay. More lobbying. And even though I’m fairly interested in environmental issues, I’d not come across the site before, which was a mild concern. Maybe it’s already well known. Maybe no-one cares.

And now to go check on the progress of Katrina.