Gathan Beaga

forged and crafted

We’d been to Bill Clarke’s Forged and Crafted workshop in Roxburgh in January thinking maybe he could make us something cool for us to mark our 10th wedding anniversary (back the previous February). We’d loved his work since we first spotted some decorating a café nearby a couple years ago.

Not to mention the amazing landscape sculpture he made for the Hall at Millers Flat, working in the landscape, natural and man-made, into a sort of a wrought iron portrait of the district. It’s unpretentious and a little rough-hewn, just as the locals would see themselves, and I like it a lot. It’s not something that would go in many people’s houses, but as a piece of public art it’s brilliant.

And so at the workshop it turned out that yes, he very well could make us something cool. Something a little bit different; something big enough to celebrate 10 years of marriage; something for our lounge that has been devoid of very much in the way of art while simultaneously being painted in a revolting shade of yellow.

Last week it arrived.

the mirror

It’s a hard thing to photo well. (The revolting shade of yellow does not help.) It was an even harder thing to hang, even for R., whose skill in this sort of area far surpasses mine. (In fact, the errr… girls, have got R. a stud detector [!] and laser level for Mother’s Day so that this sort of job will be easier next time.) Here’s the left hand bunch of grapes:

grapes and grape leaf detail

We love it.

And now R. has some non-yellow colours for me to supply an opinion on.