Gathan Beaga


Given that Camino hasn’t had any serious development for a number of months, it’s looking more and more like Mozilla Firebird is the likely #2 contender for coolest MacOSX web browser. I use the Windows version of Firebird all the time at work, and am now quite happily using it on my Mac at home as well. It’s a little slow and clunky right now, but I’m hopeful this will improve fairly quickly given the pace of development on it.

Firebird’s best features are its extensions. I’m continually being surprised by the innovative things people have come up with: better tabbed browsing; viewing of HTTP headers; Card games; Flash blockers. My current favourite, discovered today, is the EditCSS extension, which allows you to load any website and play with its stylesheet. The results are displayed for you locally in the browser window. It’s an excellent way of hacking around with CSS in a really immediate and no-fuss way and is already teaching me a lot.

Increasingly, there is little reason except inertia for anyone to use Internet Explorer now. Inertia and braindead web designers who feel the need to code to Internet Explorer only…