Gathan Beaga

family (tech) support

Back in Wellington now, and maybe it’s the end of the golden weather with a southerly that followed me up the country bringing a cold and grey rain.

But maybe not.

In between gazing lovingly at the landscape over the weekend I had some serious PC maintenance to do. Mum and Dad now have Jetstream, so at last they are free of the interference from electric fences that is the curse of most farmers’ attempts to use the internet for anything more than the occasional email.

And then I got Mum signed up for TradeMe. No looking back, now. And even Dad could see the point of OldFriends when we looked up some people who used to work with him at the same stock agents almost 40 years ago.

After all that though, it was good to get home. The reception the girls gave me at the airport was pretty cool, with Bella nearly bowling a couple of suits in her rush to leap into my arms. And Rosa didn’t want to leave me alone all afternoon, to the extent that when she woke up unexpectedly in the middle of her afternoon nap, it was me she called out for. Happy to confirm that I was in fact still available, she went to sleep again very quickly.

Home again, then.