Gathan Beaga

false positives

In a fairly good illustration of the perils of ISP spam filtering, it seems that three invoices to me from my web hosting company were detained in the ClearNet spam filters. The hosting people probably thought I was nuts as I kept telling them I hadn’t received their invoice and could they please resend it. Only this evening when, in a moment of complete desperation for something to do, I trawled through the webmail spam folder and found them. I think I’ll do a regular check in future.

I can’t blame ClearNet too much for this: the email would look a little spamlike to a filter. Common business words like “invoice”, “credit”, “card”, “hosting” used in the email could well add up to a decent probability of spam. I’ve sent a message to the ClearNet helpdesk – they should be able to prevent this from happening again.

While on the subject, is anyone else getting the so-called Independent Film Report? As far as I can tell, it’s something new: a spam that’s almost interesting in that it appears to give a summary of recent independent films released across the US. But I’m pretty sure it’s a spam because I didn’t ask for it, and it seems to come from a different email address and mail server each time. I suspect if I was attempt to unsubscribe I would receive a tsunami of filth.

And like many others recently, I’ve been receiving the crypto-porno referral spams too. It doesn’t stop.