Gathan Beaga


What a day! We get just a few of these each year: still; temperature in the high 20s °C; and sunny.

It was Fairy Trina’s last appearance for the summer in the dell, so the four of us trooped down there, meeting Martha and Finn; Susan and her family. Truth be known, it was a bit hot in the dell and we were pleased to move out where the ghost of a breeze could be felt.

Afternoon was a bit quiet, but after the girls had their naps I set up the lawn sprinkler for them. Happy screams from out there while I got dinner ready…

… being a totally appropriate for the day lamb roast (that British culture is hard to shake off) but we ate it al fresco on the deck in the early evening sunshine, glass of nice sav blanc in hand; watermelon for dessert.

We waited for the sun to set before bath and bed for the girls… and now, totally relaxed, we’re into the dessert wine: some riesling obtained on our South Island peregrination earlier this month.

The disadvantage of days like this being the hot nights: the girls tend to toss their covers off and get cold before morning, waking up early (last night R₂ slept half the night on the floor, having fallen out of bed with all the thrashing about) but that’s a small price to pay.

And tomorrow looks like more of the same. Not so exceptional, hopefully.