Gathan Beaga


(Were we the only kids who used to have tests of endurance than involved tongues and nine-volt batteries?)

I thought I’d test the battery in the continually chirping smoke detector by licking both terminals at once. Time was when I could do this for about five to seven seconds… but not now. It was a painful non-taste, and my tongue is still spasming at the thought of it. Turns out that battery was fine.

But in the way of that non-directional sound, it was the other smoke detector that was actually doing all the chirping. So now I had another battery to test. But no tongue to test with.

(Were we the only kids who used to start fires with batteries and a Steelo? It seems not .)

So I showed Bella. “This is how you can test to see if there’s any juice left in the battery”, I said, as the sparks spat off the Steelo and a burnt metal smell filled the air.

“… uh… so where’s the juice, Dad?”, she said, looking at the battery doubtfully. Her father was obviously dangerously insane.