Gathan Beaga


Well, I actually resisted talking politics. Pretty easy actually, there didn’t seem a lot that was really that interesting. And now that the election is over it’s all a bit of an anti-climax.

I voted, as usual, for diversity. In all three MMP elections I’ve split my vote too. It’s nice having more than one vote – being able to vote for a good local electorate person and the political party you want often impossible pre-MMP. Not any more.

Vote-splitters like me are the dispair of political parties. Witness the performance of National this time round: while their candidates often did well relatively (e.g., in Otago, and also in Wellington Central, two electorates of interest to me), the party vote went elsewhere. But perhaps this was simply the sign of a situation where voters liked the people but not the organisation…

Democracy in action is a beautiful thing. Sometimes the results can be weird, but it’s what The People want, so it really cannot be less than We deserve.