Gathan Beaga

down the disco

You’d already had a couple glasses of wine at work (it being a Friday and all) before you were reminded that tonight was the night of the School Disco.

And by the time you got home, your alcohol-impaired judgement volunteered you for the job of being with the eldest down at school for the evening’s entertainment.

You even, perhaps foolishly, agreed to take the younger one as well, her whining questions sounding more like a series of cute and winsome requests through all the ethanol fumes.

And you smiled, without gritted teeth, through the slight snag that was the transport issue. For, given your state, you would have to walk, which in reality meant carrying the younger one, the 10 minutes to school.

In the pouring rain and howling wind.

But it was OK. In fact it was fun. And you earned lot of kool kredits with your daughters along the way, although these will evaporate before the end of the weekend if not spent.

The younger one found the music too loud, and fell asleep snuggled into your neck while you swayed to the atrocious music, indulgently watching the older conga-ing with her classmates.

You walked home slowly through the dark, a gap in the rain gratefully received. Both girls nearly asleep, the younger on your shoulders and the elder at your side.

And then they went to bed, falling asleep immediately.

But then you were too tired to have any more wine. Only a hot cup of tea would do, as you sprawled on the couch staring zombie-like at the television (House) past all sensible bedtimes.

At least the next day you could, and did, have a generous sleep-in.