Gathan Beaga


Probably stating the obvious here, but the vast majority of New Zealanders (including myself) are shocked and disgusted by the desecration of Jewish graves at two sites now here in Wellington.

I don’t believe these events should be taken as an indication of wide-spread anti-semitism in this country. (Others are better placed to comment on this, I suspect.) Rather I think it’s the work of some very twisted – and possibly most probably anti-semitic – individuals who I hope the police catch very soon.

Some explain these events by linking them to the recent conviction on passport fraud of two suspected Mossad agents. This may indeed be true, but only weak-minded people would conflate the actions of the State of Israel with those of Jewish people in general. These are different entities.

(Strangely enough though, it seems that by a curious irony it is possible to be labelled anti-semitic by criticising Israel’s actions and policies.)

OK, wandering into dangerous territory here, so I’ll stop now in case I’m digging myself a big hole. But I just want to repeat that the kind of vandalism of graves we’ve seen twice here now is disturbing and unwanted, and especially the racist overtones associated with these examples.

All of our dead deserve our respect. It’s a human thing.

(edited 15:20 to change “possibly” to “most probably”)